“All children who are on The Bridge love it and it is surprising how naive the children actually were RE e-safety so in that sense it is invaluable in allowing them to apply their knowledge.

The children love the messenger - it seems to be the most popular tool on there. This has led to a little bit of inappropriate use - however there has been a real change in the children's awareness of how they message what they say and to who. They seem to be more now and the fact that they can make their mistakes in a safe environment like the Bridge is fantastic.

The children are beginning to explore the use of the polls, blogs and other facilities on the bridge. They all love the radio.

The best aspect of the bridge is that way it leads to real on-line learning experiences - what I mean is it has enabled me to look at a follow up set of lessons regarding responsible social networking. I have been able to link real life incidents for example the lad who was jailed for re-tweeting a joke, to the way they behave on-line. Some of the children are starting to understand that they are guilty by association if they take part in an inappropriate conversation without actually being the ones who say the banned word for example.

All in all I'm really pleased about how it is going and it's working really well.”

“Eye-opener. You don't realize the negative aspects of main stream social networks. Great that children can use a safe and monitored environment and parents can feel confident that their children are safe.

“The statistics for cyber bullying are shocking, The Bridge is a well thought out alternative for our children.