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Bridgin eSafety

The Bridge is a private safe social networking platform for enterprises and educational organisations including
primary schools.

The Bridge

About Us

Digital literacy is the newfound dynamic in the field of alternative education and many schools lack resources and expertise to cope up with the rapidly changing technological landscape. This is particularly true in case of safe social networking and internet safety. Where social networking has made correspondence really easy between primary school children and teachers, it has also led to a lack of control over students activities on various online platforms. Primary school authorities are unable to monitor the use of social networks by children during out of school hours. This calls for measures to bridge the gap between internet safety and digital literacy, and The Bridge has emerged as a viable solution in this case.

At The Bridge we understand the growing penetration and use of technology as a means of learning and education. Social networking has become an integral part of childrens lives. Children see it as a primary means for education, entertainment and information. However, there is a lack of tools and resources that can be relied upon to assure complete internet safety and security for children. At The Bridge, we work as a team dedicated towards empowering children so that they may benefit from the wide array of learning resources available online without becoming a victim to internet safety loopholes.

At The Bridge we train primary school students to use social media networks in a structured and responsible manner. Helping them to develop a deeply rooted sense of responsibility concerning the use of internet, we equip students with knowledge and skills that are to work to their advantage for the rest of their lives. At The Bridge, children receive education regarding maintaining an online profile that conforms to all standards of e-safety and internet security.

Meet The Team


Taner Temel

Maria Temel

Management Accountant 
David Donaldson

The Bridge

The Bridge teaches students to use social media networks in a structured and responsible manner. Helping them to develop a deeply rooted sense of responsibility concerning the use of internet.


Open up learning beyond the school gates, with an award winning social neworking platform secured behined a walled garden.

Lesson Plans

The Bridge comes with a complete set of lesson plans and teacher training as devised by teachers and experts at CEOP.


With our highly rated support team we are with you throughout the The Bridge launch at your school. 24/7 online support system.

Pupil Profiles

Pupil private learning journals with Parents and Teacher access, users can post blogs, photo's, videos and documents and much more.

Testimonials from our awesome users...

Britannia Bridge

“Eye-opener. You don't realize the negative aspects of main stream social networks. Great that children can use a safe and monitored environment and parents can feel confident that their children are safe.

Britannia Bridge

“The statistics for cyber bullying are shocking, The Bridge is a well thought out alternative for our children.”
The children are beginning to explore the use of the polls, blogs and other facilities on the bridge.

Britannia Bridge

“All children who are on The Bridge love it and it is surprising how naive the children actually were RE e-safety so in that sense it is invaluable in allowing them to apply their knowledge.